Monday, June 29, 2015

Ohio: Part II

Lessons to be learned...
Ahhh, as the days went by there was a lot to be learned.  While she had put me to work in the yard earlier, I  later asked for her knowledge in exchange.  Years ago I had taught myself how to knit (basic level).  Then last year I got a refresher from a lady on one of my mail routes.  Now I had Granno all to myself and a wealth of knitting and crocheting skills just waiting to be pasted on to the next generation. 

Sitting on the deck with wine and yarn.

A hat that I had started for Jim but didn't know how to finish.
Really - 4 needles?!

Thanks to Granno and some wine the hat was completed!

I spent a day teaching my Uncle John how to make sourdough English muffins and two kinds bread.

His first loaf!
See what I mean about good food, wine and sitting around?  No wonder my shorts were a bit tighter when I got home, but it was all worth it.
still more to come...